Garage Clean Up Packages


Tired of looking at all the clutter lying on the floor of your garage in South Florida? You may have already imagined what your garage could be: your own personal gym, your own sports storage and recreation area, your household storage area, your laundry, cleaning, and home supply hub – only to remember all the junk you’ve got thrown around in your garage!

Whether you have only a few items that need to be removed or you have an entire garage full of clutter, Your Garage Organizer is happy to help you sort through your items, dispose and donate unwanted items, and clean-up your garage!

One of the most important steps to achieving the optimum garage that satisfies your wants and needs is our garage clean-up process. At Your Garage Organizer, our professional team will cover the entire garage clean-up from start to finish. This means we will take care of the labor, loading, hauling away, organizing, disposal, and recycling of your items too!

After our expert completes their walkthrough and delivers the final estimate that you accept, Your Garage Organizer’s clean-up experts will spend whatever time it takes to ensure your garage is properly cleaned prior to becoming the perfect area you want it to be.


We know that one of the biggest headaches for homeowners when organizing their garage can be the clean-up! That’s why if your garage is a mess, Your Garage Organizer is ready to fix it. Not only will cleaning your garage allow us to convert it into the garage of your wants and needs – it will allow you to identify items that you might want to keep, sell, donate, or simply dispose of – all of which we will happily help you with! 

Your Garage Organizer will take back your garage from the debris and junk that might exist. We have the experience, we’ve done it before, and it is often required to optimize your garage. Simply put, Your Garage Organizer cleans, organizes, and innovates – helping you maximize the useful space in your garage.

Once we finish sorting your garage’s items properly (donations, keepsake items, trash, etc.), we’re ready to mop your floors and make your garage like new. A clean garage floor is certainly rare in South Florida homes, and cleaning the garage floor is no easy task. However, we will work hard to remove those tough oil, rust, paint, and possibly cement stains in our quick and efficient deep garage cleaning.

This might seem like a lot, but you should rest assured know that Your Garage Organizer takes care of all of this for you.

Our goal is to turn your garage into the place you want and need it to be. Although the garage clean-up process can appear intimidating, we will complete it seamlessly and ensure that your items are organized and placed where they belong.

After this garage clean-up process, Your Garage Organizer is ready to transform your garage into that new room of your dreams!


Ready to maximize your garage space with Your Garage Organizer? As the leader in South Florida’s residential garage makeovers, we’re here to help homeowners balance the needs of both beauty and functionality with the garage space that fits your lifestyle. Let’s get started with the best garage clean-up in South Florida!