Do you hide the items and tools of your garage from friends and family? Is all the accumulated clutter throughout the years starting to invade your home and personal space? If you are nodding your head in agreement right now, you’re in the right place. Your Garage Organizer offers everything homeowners in South Florida needs to transform their garage.


Get a complimentary consultation and estimate for your custom garage organization with one of our experts.


With our innovative professional design and installation team, we have been recognized as leaders in South Florida for the past 8 years and growing.


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We know that your home and garage are like no other. Whether it’s your auto garage, game room, gym, or all of the above – your garage’s organization and storage are unique to you. That’s why Your Garage Organizer is here to personalize your garage to your specific lifestyle and household needs with a custom garage organization.
Since South Florida’s typical home architecture has no basement, there’s a need for homeowners to find an ideal place for home storage, which is often found in their garage.
We understand many homeowners in South Florida don’t have the time or capability to answer the question: “How can I fit all this in my garage?” or “How can I make or utilize the most out of garage space and still have a nice space here?”

Scheduling a free appointment with one of our expert consultants is the first step in creating a custom garage organization solution just for you. Our expert designers and installers will personally assess every square foot of your garage – enabling our team to give your garage the makeover that meets the needs of your South Florida home and way of life.
Our trained professionals will then provide estimates that always include the full design, installation, removal and placement, and completion of your new garage masterpiece. We won’t start the process until we walk through the garage with you and discuss our game plan. Your Garage Organizer will also happily donate any items at your request to the appropriate charitable organizations.
After the plans for your new space are final, it’s time to get your garage ready for its makeover. We will optimize your garage’s existing area to create an ergonomic design and space that is practical and comfortable. Imagine your garage being a place for your hobbies, equipment, extra storage, vehicles, appliances, gym, and games – all while being breathable, cozy and functional!


Ready to create the dream garage you’ve always envisioned? As the leader in South Florida’s residential garage makeovers, we’re here to help homeowners balance the needs of both beauty and functionality with the garage space that fits your lifestyle. Let’s get started with a custom garage organization solution you will enjoy for years to come!